3 Ways To Clean A Watch That Most People Don’t Know About

Ajla Suceska 
Beauty & Fashion Expert Article/ Content Creator

Your watch demands the same amount of love & care as your other clothing items. Do you invest proper time in planning out your outfits as well as your hair & makeup? You probably wash your shoes once a month, and you switch up your shirts every day, right? Well, since all of these are our go-to tasks and we rarely forget about them, we should also invest some time & care into cleaning our watches. If you want your wrist accessory to stay shiny, eye-catching, and you want to enjoy it for years to come, here are three ways to do it!


1. Soft & Clean Cloth + Q-Tips

We tend to walk a lot during the day, which may cause some unwanted sweat. This sweat can easily get into our watch, and the way to get it out is with a soft and clean cloth which you will use to wipe the inside of the band. Once you remove any excess moisture, take a small Q-tip to reach some smaller areas and to thoroughly clean it. Women who wear a lot of lotion or perfume around their wrist should definitely do this step.


2. Microfiber

If you are dealing with a leather band (like this one in the picture) you should use some soft & mild products. Everyone will tell you that leather can't get wet, while metal watches can handle some wet-wipes or mild cleansers. However, leather needs to stay soft and protected. Remove the leather strap from your watch and use a microfiber cloth to remove oil & dirt from it.


3. Watch Cleansers

In case your watch has gems or crystals on the surface make sure you use some fancier equipment like ultrasonic cleansers which have vibrating motions which can remove any dirt or build-up around your jewels. These cleansers can be found online and on E-bay, and you should invest in them in case you've paid a hefty amount for your jeweled watch and you want it to last you.